Aguila o Sol Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

1500 W. Kenosha St., Broken Arrow OK


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Aguila o Sol Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

Aguila o Sol – Mexican Restaurant first opened its doors in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma on the 6th of September 2006. Our name came about while trying to decide between two other names; a coin was tossed into the air and so the story begins. You see, the straight translation of “Aguila o Sol” is “Eagle or Sun” which are the two sides of an old Mexican coin. Why did we choose this as our name? Well, because just like us, you may need a little help tossing a coin when choosing from our vast menu selections! Chicken or Beef? Fajitas or Burritos? Rice or Beans? If you can’t decide… flip a coin! At Aguila o Sol we want you to enjoy every meal, the atmosphere and our friendly service. So relax, take your time and experience a great sit-down dinner full of special attention.